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Our Services

Development Team

Structured Cablings

  • - Planning and design of fiber optic and CAT5E UTP cabling.
    - Determine cable raceway and conduit requirements.
    - Installation, fusion splicing and testing of optical fiber.
    - Installation and testing of CAT5E.
    - Patch panels installation.
    - Termination of patch cords or jumpers.
    - Telecommunications outloet or connector setup.
    - Integration testing and quality check.


Computer Network Design

  • - Network design.
    - Client / Server design.
    - Security policy.
    - IP layout for LAN, WAN and MAN.

Computer Network Installation

  • - Server and workstation configuration.
    - Firewall and DMZ configuration.
    - RAID configuration.
    - Backup solutions.
    - Operating system installation.
    - Active Directory configuration.
    - Print and fle server configuration.
    - VLAN and network segmentation.
    - Users and group permissions.


Wireless Systems

  • - Basic and advance wireless setup and configurations.
    - Hotspot billing management systems for hotels and resorts.
    - Wireless propagation testing.
    - Wireless network design.

IT Consultation

  • - Information technology best practices.
    - Property management systems.
    - IT system integration with business process.
    - Security systems.
    - Remote access and VPN.
    - Leaseline and connectivity.
    - Print and fle server configuration.
    - VLAN and network segmentation.
    - Communication and broadcast provider consultation for IT services.

Computer Systems Evaluation

  • - Systems evaluation checklist.
    - Hardware systems evaluation.
    - Software systems evaluation.
    - Network systems evaluation.
    - Security systems evaluation.

Computer Systems Recommendation

  • - Server and workstations recommendation.
    - Network systems recommendation.
    - Software systems recommendation.
    - Hardware systems recommendation.


Preventive Maintenance Contract

  • - Preventive maintenance.
    - Business continuity and recovery.
    - Antivirus and security systems.
    - IT asset and inventory systems.
    - 24x7 on call emergency support.
    - Basic and advance troubleshooting.
    - Monthly reporting.
    - Contract agreement.
    - IT outsourcing and staffing.

Web Services Designed To Help Your Business Make An Impact

Web Design and Development Services

Boost your customer reach and build a better connection with your target customers with  Web Development Services. 

E-commerce Web designing

According to research, 88% of online buyers will move out of a site and never return because of a bad user experience. Take aid of eCommerce website development solutions and build a confident first impression on the forthcoming clients.

Content Writing Services

Make your website appealing with unique and industry-related content that speaks to your client's demands and interests

Logo Design Services

Your company logo is the front-line representer that gives you a unique recognition and helps you set your brand's image into your client's mind. 

Website Maintenance Services

We’ll fix your errors, keep your site fresh and safe from outside malware and spam. Our regular support will customize multiple changes in the site and take constant backups for your website.

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